Design-Your-Own Name Badges

Low-tech can be high impact when it comes to creating personal experiences.

Technology may be transforming plenty of pieces of the attendee experience, but it’s not the only solution when it comes to personalization. “Technology is a great way to better understand your audience and present options in a very personalized Sharon Fisher, CEO of team-building event company Play With A Purpose. “But once you’re there, it’s about creating a personal experience, and technology can’t always accomplish that. The on-site experience is where a low-tech approach can create some really high-impact individualized results.”

That can start as soon as attendees arrive at the registration kiosk. At a recent Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) event,  attendees had opportunities to put their own spin on a conference standard: nametags. Rather than printing off  pre-designed badges, attendees designed their own. “Nametags are a wasted use of real estate at conferences right now,” Fisher said. “Changing the approach to nametag design can create a new level of relationship-building for  attendees. By letting attendees infuse a new level of personal creativity on their nametags, you can set a whole different tone and flavor for the experience.” 

David McMillin

David McMillin is staff writer at PCMA.