Risk Management

Security for Business Events

'I am scared to death that at some point, someone is going to walk into a crowded convention center and start shooting.' — MGM's Michael Dominguez

MGM Resorts International Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Michael Dominguez sees security as one of an event planner’s top priorities. In this video, he offers the following tips to help you stay on top of the security situation surrounding your upcoming events:

– Know your surroundings
– Communicate alert measures
– Visit government websites for updates

Dominguez also discusses how some corporate groups are beefing up security at events, for example, hiring additional security personnel or creating custom risk profiles.

Convene Editors

  • Dave Robinson

    Security at events should start as soon as people enter via the main entrance not when they arrive at the exhibit hall doors which means they are already in a position to carry out an attack with many people around them.
    Plain clothes security officers should be put into key positions and importantly from my stand point as an event medical provider; have paramedics at all shows so they could help in the event of casualties. Waiting on 911 teams to come into a building after staging for some time may be a difference in saving lives or not with embedded medics.
    Unfortunately convention centers and resort hotels holding events are soft targets that the bad guys like and I am sure such venues are already on the radar of some of these radical groups.