April 2013

Cover Story/Budgets + Revenue

Is the RFP Process Broken?

Hotel salespeople say they're buckling under the weight of lead spam. Planners say they're not hearing back about their proposals as quickly as they need to. Is the RFP process broken? And can it be fixed?

Christopher Durso

Cover illustration by Brian Stauffer



The Business of Radical Reinvention with Jason Jennings

The entrepreneur and author believes that the business of radical reinvention is personal, that every successful organization has a noble purpose, and that, when it comes to meetings, ‘the fellowship and camaraderie, learning from your peers, one on one — that absolutely will never be replaced with technology.’

Barbara Palmer

 Global Meetings

The World of Science: Two International Meetings

We went overseas to explore the mysteries of two international scientific meetings: What is an oil-rich destination like Abu Dhabi doing hosting the World Future Energy Summit? And why did Singapore decide to create the Global Young Scientists Summit?

Molly Brennan


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What Trade Show Still Rocks After 110 Years?

The NAMM Show is a huge, rock-star-packed, decibel-bending, four-day mix of all things music — with a surprisingly simple pricing model for exhibitors. Convene was on site in Anaheim this year to see what makes the entire production rock.

Jennifer N. Dienst

 Forward Thinking

3 Content Curation Methods Way Better Than PowerPoint

Do you offer audio recordings of your conference's concurrent sessions synced to PowerPoint decks? If you do, you're probably experiencing a decline in the number of attendees who purchase and consume this flavor of archived content. If your numbers are holding steady, I predict it's just a matter of time before your royalties evaporate.

Dave Lutz, CMP


The Hybrid Balance

HIMSS found an inexpensive hybrid model that competes with the fast rise of free online events, striking a balance between virtual and in-person — and serving a key member group who couldn't make this year's annual meeting.

Sarah Beauchamp

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The Antidote for Dull Presentations

Say goodbye to boring talks. ideaDJs provides ‘real-time visual support for events’ by using images to riff on a speaker's presentation — on the spot and on the fly.

Katie Kervin

 Giving Back

Sleep + Sustainability

It makes sense that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine would create a tranquil space for its headquarters office. But can a facility that's one with nature also be a productive conference setting?

Sarah Beauchamp


Bladder Control

As told by Whitney Thompson, SmithBucklin

Katie Kervin



How the GSA Effect is Hurting Government Meetings

It might be time to formally, permanently retire the AIG Effect and officially proclaim the GSA Effect.

Christopher Durso

 Convene On Site

Halftime in Detroit

We've all seen the ads. First it was Eminem's adrenaline-thumping ode to his hometown that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl. The next year it was Clint Eastwood who made a nation stop for two minutes and listen to his chilling, gravelly monologue about halftime in Motor City — and the entire United States.

Jennifer N. Dienst

 Pre Con

Strong Bodies and Strong Minds at AAIC

The 25th Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from July 13-18.

Sarah Beauchamp

 Post Con

SACSCOC Makes Room for Expanding Minds

The SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges) 2012 Annual Meeting, held Dec. 8-11 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas,

Sarah Beauchamp

 What’s Your Story

Michael J. Lyons: Industry Leader Turned Leading Man

Longtime meetings and travel industry professional Michael J. Lyons' sideline career as an actor put his kids through college — and continues to help him play his latest role as exhibition director for AIBTM.

Christopher Durso

 Budgets + Revenue

No Two RFPs Are Alike

Online RFP platforms make it easy to assume that the process is monolithic — completely standardized, homogenously formatted, and more or less the same for everyone. But planners have their own individual methods for putting their meetings out to bid. Here are three:

Christopher Durso


Never Feel Lost in a Conversation About Wi-Fi Again

If you want to see a gathering of meeting professionals “light up like there are fireworks going off in the room,” just mention the topic of Internet access at meetings, said Michael Owen, president of Nashville-based Eventgenuity.

Barbara Palmer

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 Behind the Scenes

Conventional Wisdom

On the new 80/20 split, weight-loss products, and ‘mouthwatering’ food and drink.

Michelle Russell