April 2017

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This Is What Medical Meetings Will Look Like in the Future

Is the education model being created at the University of Texas at Austin’s brand-new Dell Medical School a blueprint for your meeting’s future?

Christopher Durso

Cover illustration by Selman Design


 Event Design

How Austria’s Innovative 'Fifteen Seconds Festival' Challenges the Status Quo

This event gathers leaders, creatives, and curious minds together for a two-day immersive experience.

Michelle Russell

 CMP Series

Here's What Makes for a Successful Hackathon

Hackathons have gone viral, spreading from the high-tech space into meetings and conferences of all types. So what makes for a successful hack day?

Corin Hirsch


Are You Ready for the Extreme You?

How marketing expert, author, sports executive, and endurance athlete Sarah Robb O’Hagan encourages people to build their best selves at work and in life.

Michelle Russell


 Forward Thinking

Three Workforce Mega-Trends for 2017

How will they affect the meetings industry — and you?

Dave Lutz, CMP


A Guide to Serving F&B in the Exhibit Hall

What should you know about the ins-and-outs of serving F&B samples on the show floor?

Corin Hirsch


Are Mobile Apps Taking People Away From Your Room Block?

With always expanding mobile platforms that give meeting attendees the anywhere-anytime ability to compare room rates, where does that leave the room block?

David McMillin

Supported Article  Innovative Meetings

Turbocharging Knowledge Transfer With the World Café Model

The Association of German Engineers used the World Cafe model to foster cooperation between industries at the Congress for Exchange of Strategies, Innovations, and Solutions.

Molly Petrilla

 Giving Back

Using Technology to Make Philanthropy More Personal

Small networks, not large organizations, will drive giving in the future.

Ken Budd

 There's A Meeting for That

True Colors

How the Color Conference keeps their meeting for color-management professionals vibrant.

Michelle Russell



How to Not Get Sick on the Road

Germs travel, just like you. Here are some ways to reduce your risk of getting sick on the road.

Michelle Russell

 Pre Con

The European Cyclists’ Federation Takes Their Annual Event to the Netherlands

How do you meet expectations in the bicycling capital of the world?

Christopher Durso

 Post Con

How Startup Grind Nearly Doubled Attendance in 2017

One tactic? "Invite such great people that people feel like they are getting a ton of value just by hanging out and speaking with them."

Christopher Durso

 My New Favorite App

This App Will Help You Never Be Late Again

Is it better to walk, take a cab, or use public transportation? This free app helps you weigh the options.

Barbara Palmer

 Room Set

Staking Out the Campground at Dreamforce 2016

How Salesforce pitched a big tent at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

PCMA Admin

 Career Path

Elizabeth Goad Never Stops Learning

Every road led to event planning, says this meeting professional.

Christopher Durso

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 Behind the Scenes

What Physicians Will Want out of Your Medical Meeting

The way medicine is practiced is changing. To serve the doctor of tomorrow, so must medical education.

Michelle Russell

 To the Point

How to Turn Inspiration Into Action

What does it take to achieve great things?

Deborah Sexton


Why You Should Consider Getting Your Digital Event Strategist Certification

Because, as Miranda Connon, CMP, DES, points out, digital events are the future of our industry.

Convene Editors

 Event Design

How GameStop Turned Sales Associates Into Coders at Their Annual Meeting

A win-win: GameStop used a hackathon not only as an incentive for top performers, but as a way to improve their product.

Corin Hirsch