Make Your Event Photos Even More ‘Like’-able

In addition to using an event photographer, the Instagram photo app is a great way to share the story of your conference.

Make sure your on-the-fly photos are as flawless and “Like”-worthy as possible with these pointers:

Create custom hashtags.

Good for branding, engagement, and attendee interaction, hashtags help “group all of your photos together and share the story,” said Jessica La-Rotta, founder of Elite Styles Events, which has more than 14,000 followers on Instagram.

Promote sharing on site.

Use signage and audiovisual displays to promote your event’s hashtag and Instagram handle. Also, educate all your hosts and staff about the hashtag, so they’re able to encourage attendee participation.

Create a visual feast.

“Pictures of food always get ‘Likes,’” La-Rotta said. Likewise, décor, cocktails, action shots, and any live performances make great Instagram subjects. Popular hashtags include #foodie, #foodporn, #eventdesign, and #eventprofs.

Find your filter.

Filters are key on Instagram. Using natural light is always very helpful for a good, well-focused shot, but Instagram filters such as Rise and Hefe can add some drama. For additional manipulation, use apps like VSCO Cam (free), Afterglow ($.99), and Camera+ ($1.99) to further customize your photos before posting them to Instagram.


Sarah Beauchamp

Sarah Beauchamp was formerly assistant editor of Convene.