3 Planners Weigh In On Convene’s Ethics Survey Results

What does it mean to do good work within our industry?

This month Convene explores what it means to do the right thing in the meetings industry. We asked more than 380 meeting professionals responded to our invitation in late 2015 to participate in a survey on ethics, and the results have struck a chord with planners. As a follow-up, we asked planners to put their own spin on the data:


1. Which of the survey results most surprised you?

It is surprising that over 20 percent of our industry believes it is ethical to accept points from hotels.

“There is an expense associated with issuing hotel points to planners. When a planner accepts points for their personal gain, something comes off the negotiation table. Planners who are dedicated to client service approach the negotiation table with the mindset that they are there to negotiate the best possible deal and gain concessions for their client. Not their own personal gain. Period.”

— BENJAMIN RABE, Events Director, Event Services, SmithBucklin

2. Do the overall results suggest to you that meeting professionals are concerned with behaving ethically?

I was proud to see that the majority of our planners act in a way that is calculated and considerate.

“We all understand that we must treat our suppliers as partners, to think twice before accepting invitations, and be reasonable in requests. It’s as simple as asking, “If the situation were reversed, would I do the same?” It’s a testament to the industry that we value our work. None of my meetings would be successful without the support of our vendors, or guidance from my peers. It’s about respecting the process, and maintaining a good reputation for your company, the industry, and yourself.”

— EMILY BANNWARTH, Director of Meetings and Events, Houston Apartment Association


3. How do you define good work?

Good work to me means doing things right, on track, on budget, and professionally, and showcases the objectives, brand, and strategy set forth by the organization that is supporting the event.

“Meeting planning allows me to practice that every day, so that each person involved can do their job to the best of their abilities and beyond and not worry about the responsibilities I have on my plate. We only get better by working together and working hard to be better, do better, and always strive for better results.”

— KENT EMERSON, Global Program Manager, Global Marketing & Events, HP

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