Drop That Box of Rocks

Holding a grudge is a heavy burden. Be the first to let it go.

Grudge Blog #15We’ve all been through the painful experience of being around colleagues, friends, or family members who insist on carrying a grudge. It’s a lot like carrying around a box of rocks. It drains your energy, it makes everything else harder to do, and it’s pointless.

If you’re caught in a grudge match, there are two things you can do about it:

Option 1: Rearrange your life so that you never have to interact with the other person again. Of course, why should you rearrange your life just to snub someone? It hurts you more than it does them. In fact, if they’ve already moved on, they may not even notice that you’re trying to slight them. It’s a no-win situation.

Option 2: Let it go. Put the box of rocks down. Move on.

Letting go of a grudge can be liberating. It allows you to redirect your energy. It raises your emotional intelligence. Being the first to let go often means that you can take control — especially in a work situation. It makes it easier for other people to interact with you who may have been afraid of getting caught in the middle of a quarrel. And it shows that you are the bigger person who can take the high road.

Are you harboring resentment toward somebody, or feel that someone resents you? Be the person who makes it better. Let go of the grudge, and pick up
 something worthwhile.

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Bob Priest-Heck