What’s on Your Wish List?

More money, more attendees, and more impact. All were mentioned when we asked survey respondents what they most wish for in their work life.

Each year, along with the numbers we collect for the annual Meetings Market Survey, we ask respondents open-ended questions, including this one: What’s on your wish list? 

Here are some of your answers: 

  • A bigger budget
  • A more streamlined marketing campaign
  • A successful student-generated TED-style talk competition. Our younger members are active and coming up with great program ideas, which reassures me for the future of our association.
  • To be more productive
  • A bigger conference
  • Easier tech solutions
  • Easier-to-place meetings
  • Event planning software.
  • To exceed my budget goals in revenue and sponsorship
  • Finding an event planner to take much of the planning off of my plate
  • Finding innovative ways to get attendees to engage
  • Finding a person to mentor.
  • Finding ways to pay for all I want to incorporate into our meetings
  • Helping clients to have really excellent programming for annual conferences — speakers and topics that help to increase registration and to gain greater participation from current members as well as to attract new members.
  • I hope to take a vacation without having to work.
  • I want to find better ways to get our attendees engaged with each other and our content.
  • I would like to see venues have a lower pricing structure for Wi-Fi.
  • Increase conference attendance
  • Increase in attendance and have our company gain more exposure
  • Increase sponsorship and attendance.
  • Job security in a term of new leadership — as well as streamlining events and expenses (too many events)!
  • Management commitment to contract for our known major events up to 2019
  • More challenging clients/projects
  • More focus on event design and strategy to tie it into the business strategy, more recognition of the professionalism and expertise of events management
  • More professional development opportunities and opportunities to be involved in research and development of the industry
  • More staff
  • More work-life balance.
  • Organizational alignment
  • Personal advancements
  • Producing excellent programs with the least amount of bumps in the road.
  • Requiring independent contractors to have their own liability insurance
  • Spend more one-on-one time with my team
  • Staff retention
  • Strong attendance and increased funding.
  • The ability to find new sources of revenue to stop the cutting in the budget.
  • The top two items on my wish list are help and appropriate pay for the hours I work.


Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.