When it Comes to Video, Do This Before You Do Anything Else

Amy Guth on integrating video with business objectives.

Since producing video is now so accessible and affordable, many companies may be tempted to dive into video production without a strategy or purpose — an urge organizations should resist, according to Amy Guth, talk-radio host for WGN Radio, president of Association for Women Journalists Chicago, and executive director of production company Strangewaze.

Guth presented the Convening Leaders session “Video DIY,” where she demonstrated how easily organizations can produce videos in-house, without spending money on outsourcing. She stopped by the Mash-Up Studio at Convening Leaders to talk strategy: “You have to say, ‘What are the business objectives that I even have in this organization, and how can video possibly answer them?'”

Casey Gale

Casey Gale is associate editor of Convene.