Convene TV: Dietary Requests for Meetings

This short video lays out simple strategies to accommodate food allergies and special-meal requests at meetings and events.

Our exclusive research shows that dietary requests at meetings have skyrocketed. How are savvy planners accommodating their special-needs attendees? CNTV’s Carrie Ferenac and Kimberly Bottom discuss some of the key findings from Convene’s September cover story.

The most common dietary requests planners field are:
– Gluten free
– Vegetarian
– No dairy

It’s important to keep attendees informed so that they can have confidence about what’s on their plates:
– Label food with allergy warnings
– Label kosher and halal foods

Proper meal distribution is also a key factor:
– Use meal tickets
– Use color-coded badges
– Keep accurate meal counts

Convene Editors