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Tyrexpo Asia: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Love might make the world go ’round metaphorically, but rubber tires do it literally. Which is why SingEx Exhibitions’ Tyrexpo Series offers shows all over — in India, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the U.K. Tyrexpo Asia was SingEx’s most recent show.

Illustration by Carmen Segovia.

Tyrexpo Asia
March 24–26, 2015
Singapore EXPO

Attendees: 5,000+
Exhibitors: 257

Big Wheels Participants at Tyrexpo Asia came from a variety of sectors, including:
› Agriculture
› Automotive
› Construction
› Fleet management
› Government
› Logistics and transport
› Retail and distribution
› Garages and workshops

“As compared to the other shows within the Tyrexpo Series, Tyrexpo Asia brings about the most international tire community,” said Eileen Hair, CEM, assistant director with SingEx. “It is also the market which our exhibitors consider as the most important platform to meet their Asia business counterparts and to launch new products in Southeast Asia.”

3 FOR 1  

This year, Tyrexpo Asia for the first time co-located with the World Rubber Summit and the Rubber Exchange Forum to form an umbrella event called World Rubber Week. “This powerful combination serves as a magnet to draw industry leaders and stakeholders together,” Hair said, “to discuss new ideas, forge new collaborations, and view the latest products and solutions in the industry.”


As you might imagine, this is a show with a lively, aggressively built-out exhibit hall. Exhibitors are competing for attention. Singapore-based tire manufacturer Omni United created a car-showroom and LED wall to showcases its products, for example, while automotive supplier HLT International designed its booth “as an open concept,” Hair said, “with a main product-demonstration and hands-on area which attracted large crowds.”


The TyreTalk program offered four 45-minute seminars each day where industry experts discussed “contemporary issues and challenges as well as a diverse range of topical subjects,” according to Tyrexpo Asia’s website. The Business Matching Service “was dedicated to helping companies search and identify new business leads and partners even before the event started,” Hair said. “Time could be maximized by scheduling appointments before arriving at Tyrexpo Asia and having a closer match, to increase the chances of meeting the right people.”

Christopher Durso

Christopher Durso formerly was executive editor of Convene.