Packing With Purpose

Why not leave some room in your luggage for things you can give away?

TravelerYear2014_ErikWay back in March of 2012, I interviewed Rebecca Rothney, founder of the innovative charity Pack for a Purpose. It’s a simple idea — leave some room in your luggage to pack supplies to communities in need in the places you travel. Via the website, you can select a destination; find an accommodation venue and project it supports; choose the items you wish to bring from the specific items that are in need (anything from stethoscopes to soccer balls to pencils); and drop off the supplies at the accommodation once you arrive. They will be delivered to those who need it.

It struck me then and now as a great CSR idea for attendees traveling to international meeting destinations, from Mexico to Africa.

Today it was announced that Rebecca has been named a National Geographic Traveler of the Year — one of ten honorees who, as National Geographic Traveler says, “travel with passion and purpose, have an exceptional story to tell, and represent a style of travel, motivation, or method that can inform and inspire us all.”

I’m pleased that we shared Rebecca’s story more than two years ago, and that the supplies Pack for a Purpose travelers have donated so far have amounted to more than 28 tons. Seems her passion for traveling with purpose is rubbing off.

Michelle Russell

Michelle Russell is editor in chief of Convene.