How to Say ‘Thank You’

We're looking for nominations for our annual Best in Show awards. Tell us which service professionals helped make a recent event easier for you to pull off — and a better experience for your audience.

blue stage light as backgroundLeadership, vision, innovation. These are the characteristics that earn events industry executives accolades — and rightfully so. We need people at the top who can re-imagine tomorrow’s events. But every event’s success is equally dependent on the work of people on the ground, and those traits aren’t limited to the c-suite.

So last year, Convene made its annual Best in Show awards all about those rubber-meets-the-road professionals who have demonstrated leadership, creativity, and sometimes true grit in order to make your events shine.

We’re doing the same this year. Here’s your chance to recognize the service professionals — you can pick from among 18 categories — you’re indebted to. We’ll be publishing the results in our August issue.


Michelle Russell

Michelle Russell is editor in chief of Convene.