Connect Your Speakers With Your Attendees

Even if you're not a Lyle Lovett fan, there are some great takeaways from this interview, which was conducted by venture capitalist Roger McAnamee, at the 2011 Techonomy conference that wrapped up earlier this week in Tucson.

Talking to Lovett, it turns out, was the sole reason that venture capitalist Roger McAnamee came to the conference, McAnamee told the musician. He’d been to a lot of great conferences and heard a lot of great speeches and great ideas over the years, “but the number of things that are really new are farther apart than you’d like,” McAnamee said. “I’m about the experiences in life,” and interviewing Lovett was the lure. “But in that classic serendipitous way, I came here for that, but I am also going to get all these other benefits …  I wasn’t going to be here, but I am really, really glad I came.”

Chances are that some of the entertainers or speakers you invite to your conference are heroes to your attendees. So why not give attendees to interview them, and then post videos on YouTube and your conference website? 

If you are a Lyle Lovett fan, like I am, you probably went straight to the video. My favorite Lovett quote: “Technology supports the humanity in all of us — and makes it more accessible.”

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.