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TED’s Quirky Cousin

If TED Talks had a quirky cousin, it would be Ignite.

I just started browsing Ignite talks online, a series of five-minute talks structured around 20 slides — similar to Pecha Kucha. “Enlighten up, but make it quick,” is their tagline. (I’m late to the party: Jeff Hurt wrote about them eons ago on his blog.)

Ignite talks started in Seattle— where organizers are gearing up for Ignite Seattle 17, to be held on Aug. 19 — and have spread around the globe. Author and speaker Scott Berkun, whom we interviewed for the May issue, will be a presenter this year, and Berkun’s blog is where I was tipped off to industrial and graphic designer Mark Selander’s talk from 2010.

I think it’s terrific. It’s funny and tongue-in-cheek, but makes a serious point that would brilliantly kick-off a conference on, say, transportation planning. We can’t solve problems caused by the way we do things by doing more of the same things.

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.