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Designing for Creativity

'Over time, our belief systems can harden into rigid walls that prevent us from considering alternative viewpoints,' Convene columnist Jeffrey Cufaude writes in our February issue. 'And that's a problem.'

To think differently, we need to be exposed to differences — to diverse ideas as well as people — and allow the collision to create insights, Cufaude argues.

In the presentation above, consultant, speaker, and blogger Bud Caddell, also operates at the intersection of ideas and innovation. Cadell’s work is part of a collaborative effort to foster creativity in public education, but the questions raised about public education also can — and should — be asked about how we design and offer content at conferences and meetings.

Like “What technologies belong in a modern classroom?” “How should they be used to foster collaborative creativity?” 

And, “What brands and organizations stand for creativity and/or have an interest in a more creative workforce?” 

And a biggie: “What would an education system (or conference education program) be like if it put creativity at the core of its values?”

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.