How One Association Is Creating Bite-Sized Online Education

Here's how you can maximize engagement with your online curriculum.

Online technical support, training, teaching and learning concept showing hand holding a wrench and blank instructional booklet coming out of a computer with dramatic lightingOnline, “time is everything,” said Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Director of Digital Events Mary Beth Micucci, DES. “What we have found is our shorter segments do very, very well, because [content] is bite-sized and it’s digestible.

The key is to make sure the learner is interacting frequently with the screen. “Maybe it’s by taking a 10-minute segment,” Micucci said, “and then clicking, ‘Yes, I want to go to the next 10-minute segment’ — it’s doing things to continue to get engagement and that user experience.”

HIMSS’s future plans include creating more custom content that is very closely aligned to users’ specific interests. “We want to look across the content that we currently have, the content we might have in other areas, our expertise within the HIMSS organization, and be able to take segments and bits and pieces of that and create new pieces of content, repurposing in a different manner,” Micucci said. “Maybe not necessarily taking that [entire] 50-minute session, but taking components of it, tying it in with other areas, other valuable pieces of content, and perhaps creating a content channel.”

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.