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Eventbrite Explores the Future of Food and Drink Events

A food-and-beverage themed event highlights some F&B innovations.


The transformation that we’re seeing is that people aren’t just demanding better stuff, they want to understand it, and be part of creating it. To the point where people are paying considerably more in order to butcher their own pig or brew their own beer – things that in centuries past would have been money-saving tactics are now highly artisanal experiences that people can’t get enough of.”

—Wilf Horsfall, co-founder of UBREW

Wilf Horsfall is co-founder of an “open brewery,” UBREW, in London,  where customers can brew their own beer on professional equipment (as well as take classes). Earlier this week, the online event registration company Eventbrite — according to its blog — conducted an early-morning discussion in London’s West End on the future of food and drink events, then invited culinary thought leaders to weigh in virtually. (The live event was part of Eventbrite Summer School, “a series of morning classes running throughout July to inspire the capital’s early risers to learn something new before work.”)

Horsfall’s thoughts on DIY victuals were joined by endorsements of street food, popup dinners, backstory, and “luxury events co-existing with much cheaper but equally fun ones,” (from Dan Calladine of London Pop-ups) as fixtures of our future food and drink landscape. “People are looking for food and drink events that bring together the full narrative of the food and drink they enjoy,” added Andrew Birkby of Wildcard Brewery. “It is no longer just about eating and drinking, but about being immersed in how and why our favourite food and drink is made to be the way it is.”

Read the musings the event wrap-up site on Eventbrite for some quirky British inspiration.

Corin Hirsch

Corin Hirsch is a writer who specializes in food and drink.