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Hello, Moonshine

From it’s bootleggin’ beginnings, white whiskey (aka moonshine) has embodied rebellion.

Glass with Whiskey Sour and ice cubes (close-up shot)

The clear, fiery spirit — the unaged distillate of corn mash — was illegal to produce for centuries, but two years ago, it began a craft-cocktail resurgence, as did all kinds of Mason-jar drinks.

While some food and drink trends die, others mature and take their place on our tables. So it is with moonshine, which comes with a helluva backstory to jumpstart cocktail-hour conversation. How to serve it at a networking function? Whether you go for a craft version such as Kentucky’s MoonPie Moonshine, or mass-produced products from Jack Daniels and Jim Beam, white whiskey can gracefully take the place of vodka or even its own aged cousin, bourbon — think White Whiskey Sours or Moonshine Juleps.

Or for true Southern flavor, try a Bee Sting: two parts moonshine, one part honey, and a generous squeeze of lemon over ice, topped off with fresh-brewed iced tea. Cheers!

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Corin Hirsch

Corin Hirsch is a writer who specializes in food and drink.