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May 2016

Cover Story/Knowledge Hubs

Inside the Bid Process for a Citywide Conference

Two destinations — one each from Canada and the United States — made the shortlist to host an international conference of beekeepers. Which of them prevailed — and why?

Corin Hirsch

Illustration by Daniel Chang


 Engagement + Marketing

Go Sell It on the Mountain

An inside look at a brand-marketing meeting held annually in Banff, Alberta.

Kate Mulcrone

 One On One

5 Questions for SmithBucklin President Matt Sanderson

On his M&A background, working with volunteer-led organizations, and being ‘lighthearted and relentless.’

Barbara Palmer


How Do You Manage in the 'Free Agent' Era?

Companies and employees have moved to an at-will, free-agent model. Are conference attendees following suit?

Christopher Durso

 Knowledge Hubs

A Look at South Africa's Up-and-Coming Meetings Market

Johannesburg and Cape Town show off their meeting venues.

Barbara Palmer


 There's A Meeting for That

Send In the Clowns

A clowning convention, and how it has evolved along with the profession.

Corin Hirsch


Reading Emotions Online

Emotion-recognition technology has the potential to change online education — in real time.

Michelle R. Davis


Winning the Battle Against PowerPoint

Isn’t it time for conferences to scrap their PowerPoint templates?

Dave Lutz, CMP


5 Ways to Help Your Speakers Be More Persuasive

Every presenter wants to engage their audience. Here's how you can help them do it.

Molly Petrilla


Leaving More Than Money Behind

The Best Cities Global Alliance is helping meetings effect lasting change in their host destinations in five ways.

Christopher Durso

Supported Article  Innovative Meetings

5 Innovations From the Annual Convention & World Languages Expo

This planning team is given freer rein to create interactive environments where attendees can drive content.

Michelle Russell



Designing the Decision to Attend Study

This one-of-a-kind industry is in the final stages of design -- and you can be a beta tester.

Christopher Durso


The Political Circus Is Coming to Town(s)

How Philadelphia and Cleveland bid, won, and will run this summer's Democratic and Republican conventions.

Christopher Durso


Inside the Light City Baltimore Festival

A new public festival of art, music, and street theater celebrated the 200th anniversary of the city’s installation of the nation's first gas streetlights.

Christopher Durso

 Event Venues

A Conference Center With an Open-Lounge Policy

In Cape Town, a lounge in the new Century City Conference Centre is also open to the public.

Barbara Palmer


The True Cost of Rude Behavior at Work

Rudeness at work does real harm, but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself.

Convene Editors

 My New Favorite App

Why This Meeting Professional Loves Slack

This hot app is 'essentially social media for productivity.'

Convene Editors

 Pre Con

Zumba Instructor Convention 2016

Zumba instructors from more than 100 countries will meet for four days of workshops, demonstrations, and networking centered around the dance-fitness program.

Kate Mulcrone

 Post Con

American Meteorological Society 96th Annual Meeting

Nearly 4,000 professional weather buffs — researchers, scientists, educators, and other professionals in the fields of weather, water, and climate — convened in New Orleans for five days of innovative programming.

Kate Mulcrone

Also In This Issue

 Behind the Scenes

‘The Value We Bring to the Planet’

Thoughts about the legacies that meetings can leave behind.

Michelle Russell

 To the Point

The Next Generation

What does it take to be an effective leader in today’s changing workplace?

Deborah Sexton