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June 2016

Cover Story/Big Ideas

5 Next-Gen Technologies That Already Are Changing Meetings

Here's how wearables, 3D projection mapping, second-screen technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are transforming the industry.

Convene Editors

Illustration by Sam Island


 CMP Series

What Makes for Good Internships?

Designing internships that build competencies is key to securing tomorrow’s talent. Also: You need to pay them.

Kate Mulcrone

 Salary Survey

Convene's 2016 Salary Survey

Few meeting professionals received raises over the last year — and those raises were smaller compared to the previous year.

Michelle Russell


Jake Wood on Leadership

At PCMA’s 2016 Education Conference the author, entrepreneur, and combat veteran will share his surprising theories about organizational leadership.

Corin Hirsch



5 Key Requirements for Speakers

How to help your speakers engage with your audience on and off the stage — and before, during, and after your event.

Dave Lutz, CMP

Supported Article  F&B

3 Must-Follow Food Trails

Food and beverage trails aren’t just for leisure travelers anymore.

Corin Hirsch

 Social Media

Inside a 'Social Tech Cabana'

Event technology is good at recording logistical data. Now it’s evolving to capture the nuances of relationship building.

Barbara Palmer

 Trade Shows

An App for the Visually Impaired Debuts at CES

What happened when a technology startup whose app can dramatically help the visually impaired scaled up its exposure at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Michelle R. Davis


4 Ways to Improve Your Online Education Programs

Award-winning leaders in association e-learning offer tips for creating great online education.

David McMillin

Supported Article  Social Media


How the International Association of Chiefs of Police galvanized its law enforcement conference through a social media campaign.

Christopher Durso

 There's A Meeting for That

Data, STAT!

This unique meeting is built around data-driven nursing.

Christopher Durso


 Career Path

Germaine Schaefer

"You are stuck with the reputation you create — so make it one that you are proud of."

Christopher Durso

Supported Article  Tips

5 Tips for On-Site Wellness

Here are some ways to take care of yourself during hectic meetings.

Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D.

 Room Set

A Door of Opportunity

An aviation meeting towed a plane into the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center through a custom door — and left an opening for more.

Michelle Russell


Reengaging Your Team

Eleven questions to help your team reframe their purpose at work.

Michelle Russell

 My New Favorite App

Decisions, Decisions

This iPad app takes the guesswork out of making decisions.

Convene Editors

 Event Venues

Revelry and Rebirth in San Antonio

A three-day jaunt to San Antonio highlights the city's rehabbed convention center and other venues for meetings and events.

Corin Hirsch


The Evolution of Conference Space

How do meeting professionals see venues evolving over the next five years?

Convene Editors

 Pre Con

AAA 2016 Annual Meeting

More than 3,000 accountants, students, and professors are heading to the Big Apple this summer for 350-plus concurrent sessions and panels at the American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Annual Meeting and Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting.

Kate Mulcrone

 Post Con

AWP16 Conference & Bookfair

Twelve thousand authors, editors, publishers, students, and teachers booked it to Los Angeles for the Association of Writers and Writers’ Programs’ (AWP) annual show.

Kate Mulcrone

 AV + Connectivity

An RFP for Internet Access

A new tool from the Convention Industry Council is changing the way planners evaluate Internet offerings at venues.

Christopher Durso

Also In This Issue

 To the Point

The Making of Tomorrow’s Leaders

We all share a responsibility to help prepare those who represent the future of our industry.

Deborah Sexton

 Behind the Scenes

Pre-Job Prerequisites

Designing the right internship experience can set someone’s career in motion.

Michelle Russell