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October 2016

Cover Story/Event Venues

The Community-Driven Convention Center

These six cities are going to great lengths to make sure that convention centers are a part of their surrounding communities.

Barbara Palmer

Illustration by Pushart


 Medical Meetings

Rethinking Certification at Medical Meetings

Maintenance of certification is a relatively new addition to the education and training requirements facing physicians and to medical meeting education. Not all physicians are happy about the changes.

Molly Petrilla


A Prescription for Disruptive Design

For Convening Leaders 2017 Stacey Chang, design goes beyond the creation of ‘beautiful things.’

Corin Hirsch

 Medical Meetings

4 Treatments for Medical Meetings

As the U.S. health-care system moves toward more patient-centric care, how can medical meetings lead the way?

Dave Lutz, CMP


 Risk Management

How to Protect Your Meeting From a Data Hack

What should you do before, during, and after your meeting to keep attendee data safe?

Kate Mulcrone

 Meeting Management

Inside a Conference for Young Entrepreneurs

A high-school student in Monterrey, Mexico, wanted to help empower people his own age and younger. So he started an entrepreneurship conference for them.

Christopher Durso

 Virtual Meetings

Planning for Online Engagement

The entire World Smart City Forum was broadcast live on Ustream, with viewers on every continent except Antarctica.

David McMillin

Supported Article  Innovative Meetings

Making ‘The Pitch’ a Hit

The PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference tailored a session around the popular TV show ‘The Voice.’

Michelle Russell

Supported Article  F&B

Cooking for the President

Cooking for President Obama takes intense planning, as the team at the Washington State Convention Center recently found out.

Corin Hirsch

 Giving Back

Making Your Meetings Deaf-Friendly

A workshop in advance of a National Association of the Deaf conference shows how meeting and hospitality professionals can improve their Deaf-friendly customer service.

Ken Budd

 There's A Meeting for That

Out of the Shadows

The role of night mayor goes back to the 1970s in the Netherlands, and is catching on globally.

Barbara Palmer


 Convene On Site

DMAI Looks to the Future

The sharing economy was a hot topic at this year's meeting in Minneapolis.

Michelle Russell

 Career Path

Davi Kaur

Head of Congress Unit, ECCO – The European CanCer Organisation, Brussels

Christopher Durso

 Convene On Site

How Philadelphia Geared Up to Host the DNC

Philly shows off its preparations to host July's convention.

Christopher Durso

 Post Con

Zumba Instructor Convention 2016

Nearly 8,000 Zumba instructors from around the world aerobicized themselves in Orlando this summer during four days of high-energy fitness workshops and demonstrations.

Kate Mulcrone

 Pre Con

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners 2016 Annual Meeting

Between 1,200 and 1,300 state and federal utility staff members and commissioners — along with consumer advocates, lobbyists, and representatives from nonprofit organizations — will go on the grid for four days.

Kate Mulcrone

Supported Article  Environment

4 Ways to Promote Attendee Wellness On Site

The Global Wellness Summit talks the talk and walks the walk for its attendees.

Christopher Durso



This app helps you save time on admin work.

Convene Editors


The TED Method

Everyone wants to incorporate TED-style talks into their meetings and conferences, but how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Convene Editors


10 Offbeat Conventions

A photographer talks about his experience documenting unusual meetings across the United States.

Christopher Durso

 AV + Connectivity

6 Tips for Getting the Wi-Fi You Need

Intel's senior manager for corporate event technology offers tips for negotiating strong, reliable, and reasonably priced wireless service.

Corin Hirsch

Also In This Issue

 To the Point

3 Ways to Build Business Relationships

Making meaningful business connections in the digital age.

Deborah Sexton

 Behind the Scenes

Writing a Trends Piece

Convention centers are evolving in ways that speak about our society as a whole.

Michelle Russell