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Google Hangouts Just Got Serious

While Google Hangouts may have gotten serious the moment President Obama used the program, or maybe when major media outlets started to broadcast interviews via Google Hangouts, now its gotten even more professional with HangoutMagix.

Our team at Convene has been using Google Hangouts pretty regularly, both for our editorial meetings and when attending live events remotely. And with travel becoming more difficult, and attendees now desiring a virtual or hybrid component to their events, more and more meeting planners will need affordable, professional, reliable streaming outlets.

With HangoutMagix you can add captions, titles, and logos to your Hangouts, much like you would with film editing tools like iMovie or Final Cut Pro. The subheads make the footage look a little less homemade, and more like a polished broadcast. The graphics also help introduce the speaker, and help attendees keep up with the conversation.

Created by French technology expert Bertrand Diouly Osso, HangoutMagix is currently in Beta testing, but Google Plus users are invited to check out the website and begin creating their custom overlays. 

“This really does break new ground,” Osso said in a press release, “especially for professionals who want to use the Hangouts system while retaining company branding and staying true to their professional corporate image. The fact that it is free also makes it accessible to organizations of any kind.”

Sarah Beauchamp

Sarah Beauchamp was formerly assistant editor of Convene.