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What Determines the Cost of Wi-Fi for Meetings and Events

How could recent legal decisions affect Wi-Fi at large event venues?

Convene Editor in Chief Michelle Russell discusses the evolving landscape of Wi-Fi pricing at meetings and events with Michael Dominguez, senior vice president and chief sales officer at MGM Resorts International.


Convene Editors

  • Thanks for this much-needed conversation. There’s a huge difference between basic bandwidth usage and requirements in sleeping rooms and public spaces, and those in meeting/exhibition spaces. This infamous video of Steve Jobs at an Apple conference shows what can happen if there are multiple personal devices competing for connection: http://bit.ly/1EENyxd

  • I find it funny & interesting that Event Planners are selling a Mobile App to their clients in order to generate more sponsorship revenue and then are ignoring that every mobile device and tablet running the App adds to the need of additional bandwidth. And most event planners don’t have the tech expertise to understand how much bandwidth their event will require, versus how much is free and how much “free” needs to be supplemented. We supply a Conference & Event text messaging service which usually services more attendees better while eliminating some of the “extra bandwidth” challenge. As Mr. Dominguez suggests, a better understanding and realistic expectations will lead the way to better results.