5 Apps for Planners You Need to Try

Do you use any of these apps? What are your favorites that help make your planning life easier?


Presentation Clock was one app for planners presented at WEC13
Presentation Clock helps speakers keep track of time from their mobile devices.

Here are five apps for planners that are especially useful:

MagicPlan (Free; iPhone/iPad) MagicPlan is an app that measures rooms and creates floor plans from photos taken from a cell phone. Users take a picture of all the corners of a room, and the app generates a floor plan that can be saved as a PDF or JPG, or published as an interactive plan on the web for sharing. (Free; iPhone/iPad and Android) This is one of several apps available that tests Internet speeds and connection. is able to check network speeds in less than 30 seconds, provides a real-time graph to show the consistency of the connection while enabling the user to share results.

Check In Easy (Free–$1,899; iPhone/iPad and Android) One of Tech-Fest 2012’s top event apps in 2012**, the registration app allows planners to upload Excel attendee lists and automatically creates a guest list and allows for on-site check-in for events of up to 20,000 guests. The web application can also be synced with iPad and iPhone.

Presentation Clock ($0.99; iPhone/iPad and Android) An app for speaker time management, the clock changes (from green to yellow to red) at the speaker’s designated times — then once the clock hits zero seconds, the color changes again and the clock begins counting upward so the speaker knows how long he or she has gone over.

Teleprompt+ ($14.99; iPad) Compatible only with the iPad, speakers can write scripts directly in the app, or import from programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, or email. It also comes with a timer and allows the user to customize aspects like scrolling speed, timer display, font size, and background color.

Katie Kervin

Katie Kervin was formerly assistant editor of Convene.