Even More Apps for Meeting Planners

Here are five indispensable apps.

mophie Case Not an app, but rather an iPhone case with a built-in battery charger. This device is on the lips of planners everywhere — including those at Liz King Events’ PlannerTech Conference in New York City this past August. Because, really, who doesn’t need some extra cell phone battery life?

RescueTime Ever feel like you are spending way too much of your time each workday checking email (or checking Facebook?) RescueTime is a web-based desktop tool that tracks the amount of time you’ve spent with certain browser windows active, and can be set to send you reminders when you’ve spent more time on a particular site than you’d like. You can also block your own access to those distracting sites if you just can’t help yourself.

WhiteNoise Similar to the sound machines many sleepers use to create ambient noise in order to get a good night’s rest, WhiteNoise works from your smartphone or mobile device. Users can set the app to loop more than 40 sounds such as Air, Extreme Rain, White Noise, or Stream. Many frazzled parents also find the app to be a miracle tool to help babies sleep soundly.

Square is a commonly used mobile-payment reader that allows users to accept credit card payments via their iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Square is great for on-site payments, and many brick-and-mortar stores are adopting it for card payments because it’s so quick and simple. Accepted payments are deposited into the holder’s account the next day.

FindEatDrink This app for iPhone and iPad collects recommendations from top chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, and foodies for the best places in cities across the globe to eat and drink. The app currently features more than 3,500 food-and-drink destinations in 100 cities, with more being added all the time.

So, what are your current favorite apps?


Katie Kervin

Katie Kervin was formerly assistant editor of Convene.