Event Camp National … By the Tweets

One of the beautiful things about Twitter -- and having a great group of people to follow at an event -- is that they oftentimes capture key nuggets of information from a speaker before you can.

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Christine Melendes, CAE, PCMA’s director of member relations, returns with the second installment  of a three-part series on the second annual Event Camp National Conference,  held in Chicago February 11-13.

I have recapped some of the tweets from Event Camp (#ecnc) that still are resonating with me a month later. I’ve added my own two cents on the sessions at the end.

Here are Saturday’s speakers, followed by key tweets — ones that get right to the core of the speaker’s message:

Speaker: Glenn Thayer
The virtual attendee needs to step up and take responsibility for their experience . Tell us what you want! #ecnc
Repurpose content to drive online traffic for the next year. – Thayer #ecnc #ectc
Speaker: Chris Brogan
Use headline tips from TMZ, Cosmo or Oprah to draw people into your community says @chrisbrogan #ecnc
Speaker: Hank Wasiak
I love the positive examples that @hankwasiak is showing. Positivity is powerful. #Ecnc
@lizkingevents: Coach youself. Don’t criticize. Think of how you can learn and be aspirational. #ecnc #lke
Look at others as an asset & change the way you see relationships says @hankwasiak #ecnc
Use the 5:1 ratio: Focus on 5 good things for every 1 bad thing #ECNC #eventprofs

Speaker: Erica St. Angel
The trick to having a hybrid event is to have something so cool, they want to talk about it even if they weren’t attending. #ecnc #lke
If you haven’t already, claim all your branded accounts while you can. #ecnc #lke
Speaker: Liz Strauss
You have to get to know the stories behind the people. There’s a difference between listening and monitoring #ecnc #lke
Listening is paying a different kind of attention. Irresistible is a strategy. #ecnc #lke
Knowing what you don’t want is as critically important as knowing what you do want #ecnc #lke
Don’t use words in a way that attract the people you don’t want #ecnc #lke
You can’t sit for 2 days working on your business without developing good networking relationships #ecnc #lke
Don’t dilute your brand to try to attract people who aren’t fanatic about you. @lizstrauss #ecnc
RT @JuleBlankinship: Whats ur story? Make it easy, fun &  something ppl feel good about sharing w/ others. @lizstrauss cc @ready2spark #ecnc
Meet the people in your audience where they are, whether they’re online or off. – Strauss #ecnc
“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” You have to come out from behind your website to develop relationships. -@lizstrauss #ecnc
My bonus tips:
·       Build your network before you need it.
·       Start with the folks who love you now.
·       If you make it about them, if you persuade them, and match the offer to your relationship – THEY WILL PAY ATTENTION.
·       Most sales pitches don’t work because they come too soon in the relationship.
·       Nobody likes feeling taken for granted, but everybody likes feeling generous.
·       If you make it easy, fast, and meaningful and you show them how sharing will make them a star, they will help you!  Who doesn’t want to be a star?
·       Reward and celebrate your heros.
·       Loyalty is a relationship.  Campaigns make sales, community building makes long-term relationships.
Final note: If you are not on Twitter, I encourage you to get on today and start connecting with some of the people quote above.  They are knowledgeable, thoughtful and fun – people you need to know.

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