Social Media Makes Some Noise

Packed TweetUp at the MGM Grand. Photo by Jacob Slaton

Not long ago it seemed like only the most tech-savvy groups were realizing the potential for social media to keep conversations and education buzzing after a meeting’s end.

But the week that has passed since the end of 2011 Convening Leaders has brought such a constant stream of online conversations and tweeted blog links about the experience, that I’m convinced that social media has made a significant slide toward the center. Not quite mainstream. Not yet.

Here’s a sampling of the blog posts I’ve seen in the last week:

Millennial blogger Josip R. Petrusa, from the PCMA Learning Lounge, continues his thoughts about “What Millennials Want.”

One of the most heavily retweeted posts has been event technology consultant Samuel J. Smith’s post deconstructing the PCMA Learning Lounge. Smith included great filmed interviews, and analysis in the post.

Greg Ruby wrote about the meeting, sports, and his own personal “Aha!” moment here.

I missed most of Chris Brogan‘s presentation on “How Social Media Changes Events,”so I am grateful that Jeff Hurt did not. Hurt posted his top “9 Takeaways” from Brogan’s talk as well as one video from the popular Learning Lounge. (Hurt works for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, which took the lead in designing the Learning Lounge content.)

Also: Very innovative coverage of the co-located Virtual Edge Summit was supplied by Mo Krochmal. He calls method “distance curation.” Check it out here.

I’m leaving lots out; if you have another favorite, please leave it in the comments.

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.