Top Apps for Road Warriors

Event pro Liz King shares her favorite apps.

Liz King, founder of New York City-based Liz King Events and one of the industry’s leading event technologists, uses the hashtag #hustle a lot. In addition to running a  successful events company, Liz travels the world for speaking engagements,  hosts her own events technology conference, TechsyTalk, in New York, and is omnipresent on social media channels.

So when Liz puts together a list of apps to help planners manage travel and boost productivity, I pay attention. Liz shared the presentation, “Go, Go Gadget: Travel Apps for the Road Warrior,” at  NYPCMA’s Education Day on Feb. 20 in New York City,  and many of them were new and intriguing to me. (I already have apps described in Slides 13 and 45 downloaded on my phone.)

Be sure and click through all the way to end, because Liz saved some that will put a smile on your face — I am looking at you Slide 59 — for the end.

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.