Welcome to Nashville, All Y’all!

The lead-up to Convening Leaders 2018 included a mix of volunteering, student networking, and a warm welcome at the Nashville International Airport.

Sunday started out chilly but warmed up fast — was it the temperature climbing, or the arrival of thousands of attendees more than ready for Convening Leaders 2018 to begin? If you’re not in Nashville, you can register for Convening Leaders LIVE here.

Some moments from Day 1: 

BNA Welcome Wagon

Attendees were greeted at Nashville International Airport (BNA), with banners, live music, and a chance to make good use of their time waiting for their luggage to arrive at the Convening Leaders registration kiosk in the baggage-claim area.  


Hospitality Helping Hands 











More than 100 attendees volunteered at PENCIL, a Nashville charity benefiting local schools, where they loaded school supplies into backpacks and wrote thank-you notes. Thank you, volunteers. 


More than 175 students convened at the fifth annual PCMA U session, where they heard from industry veterans and one another. The students tuned into a Peer-to-Peer Panel, where panelists were asked by their fellow students about how they secured internships and what they would have done differently in those roles. One consensus: “Don’t be afraid to fail and step out of your comfort zone.”


Welcome to the World’s Biggest Bar! 

After a day filled with good works, committee meetings, and travel, attendees met up with old and new friends at chapter receptions before heading to the Opening Reception, featuring the World’s Biggest Bar. 

Convene Editors