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If They Build It, They Will Come

Last summer, a team of more than 30 architects, designers, and artists crowdsourced the design of the four-acre 'Open Field,' a grassy community commons where the public is invited to create and schedule their own events.

image courtesy Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is among the nation’s most celebrated contemporary art museums, with one of the largest urban sculpture parks in the U.S., filled with works by leading American and international artists.

How could it possibly get any better?

At the museum’s “Open Field,” residents can teach a class, create experimental art, play music, or simply spread out some blankets and host a book club meeting. There’s free wireless, and food and beer are available for purchase.

The Center enabled the community to self-organize and schedule events using a combination of Google apps and WordPress software. The Center also creates its own programming — the crowdsourced events ensure that the public gets exactly what it wants, too.

Last year was Open Field’s first events season, but not the last. It returns in June.

Thanks to Utne Reader for the tip-off.

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.