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Breaking the Ice at The Broadmoor

Yesterday morning, as part of a media trip sponsored by The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, I played foosball. With my whole body.

While touring Broadmoor Hall, part of the resort’s extensive meeting and event facilities, we walked into Broadmoor A ballroom to find this:

Human foosball at The Broadmoor

It’s a giant, human foosball arena, and we were soon divided into a red* and blue team (five players on each side, including the goalie) and strapped into harnesses set up along ropes, mimicking a traditional foosball table. Players were restricted to horizontal movement only, so it was pretty funny to watch everyone try to move vertically within the space, attempting to score or block the “foosball” (in this instance, something like a soccer ball). My group had already been at The Broadmoor for the previous two days, so we had gotten to know each other a bit — which helped ignite some competitive spirit without anyone feeling uncomfortable. But I can imagine what a great icebreaker this could be for smaller meetings or in smaller group settings. And with two ten-minute halves, it was a surprisingly great workout.

Here’s some of the game action:

The Broadmoor, human foosball

*Full disclosure: My team (Red) lost, 2–0.

Katie Kervin

Katie Kervin was formerly assistant editor of Convene.