This app helps you save time on admin work.

goombalI believe there is a thin line between planning and execution, and I am passionate about smart tech for hospitality professionals. While on the road, I’m educating event professionals on the latest and greatest tech, as well as practical tech solutions that can make their lives easier and more efficient — a key distinction most event practitioners overlook when mapping timelines and checklists. This is why I consistently employ a 360-degree view of streamlining processes and advocate tech solutions for event management.

I found this marvelous new app to support my passion: Goombal. It is an innovative and easy-to-use cloud and mobile event-planning and performance-tracking platform that helps planners to save more than 30 percent of their time on administrative work, utilize smart insights to make the right cost/benefit decisions, run perfect events and generate better results, and control costs.

Specifically, Goombal helps meeting and event professionals with project management and team collaboration, financial management (budgets, expenses, revenue, cash flow, forecasts, profitability), risk management (hotel room-block contract liability tracking, F&B minimum planning), and maximizing utilization of event resources (rooms, speakers, sponsors, etc.).

TESS VISMALE, CMP, DES, Chief Event Executioner, iSocial Execution; Tech Evangelist, Dahlia+


Apple, Android


Variable pricing based on usage

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