This app is all about keeping your calendar in sync.

sync-win-14861950ec 2I love my iPhone and I’m an event planner, so I live by my calendar. For years, I’ve had issues with the Outlook on my laptop not syncing up with my iOS calendar — until I downloaded the new Outlook app for iOS this year.

The fact that my calendar is now correct, regardless of whether I’m in Anaheim, Germany, or New York, makes me so happy and on time. But the best feature is the ability to quickly add items to my Dropbox or Google Drive account, and the ability for any items I’ve recently opened in Outlook on my computer or phone to be readily available under the “Files” tab. I also like being able to sort emails by “Focused,” meaning the ones you care about, and “Other,” meaning all the newsletters and junk mail.

It has made my time management while on my phone, and particularly on site for an event, much more efficient!

ADAM ANDERSEN, Managing Director, New Hope Network, a division of Penton

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