My New Favorite App

Wave Accounting

Wave zeros in on companies with nine or fewer employees.

waveWhen I started my wedding-planning business, I knew tracking my income and expenses in a spreadsheet format was not going to cut it. I needed a simple and inexpensive solution to help keep me organized. After comparing Wave Accounting to other solutions, it was apparent that for a small-business owner just getting started, this was the best option available.

Depending on the user’s preferences, income and expenses can be input manually or by syncing to a bank account. Receipt tracking is made easy with the scanning tools available, such as the Receipts by Wave phone app, which syncs directly to your online account, making recording payments on the go quick and easy.

Although the features above were enough to win me over, my favorites are the invoicing and reporting functions. I can quickly create and send professional invoices from my phone or computer, and can track my business’ profitability by viewing the dashboards and detailed reporting.

Wave also has personal account options, so individuals can take advantage of all of the income- and expense-tracking features available to business users. Individuals also have the capability to set budgets for categories such as Food & Dining and see each month if they are over or under budget.

I started using Wave for my business but now use it for my personal accounting as well, and can’t imagine going back to old-school spreadsheets. Whether it’s for business or personal, Wave Accounting will keep you organized and on budget with little to no effort.

JAMIE BRUCE, CMP, Owner, Thumbprint Weddings & Events

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