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Why This Meeting Professional Loves Slack

This hot app is 'essentially social media for productivity.'

slackMichael Doane, marketing manager for CadmiumCD:

Lately, I’m loving Slack. Slack is a communication app for teams. Anyone can create a channel and invite team members to different groups within that channel. It’s essentially social media for productivity, although as its name suggests, it’s a great tool for goofing off with colleagues, too.

The first Slack channel I joined was created by a fellow event-tech aficionado named Carson Plesier. The channel is called EventJive, and the group talks about the latest tech and meeting-design trends, and hosts a regular “Ask Me Anything.”

The real beauty of this tool reveals itself when it’s used within an organization. You can create a channel, then define specific channels for logistics, education, sponsorship, and so on. Those teams can talk with each other on the fly, share files, and quickly make decisions without the hassle of a bloated inbox.

Slack is fairly new, but it’s been making waves and redefining how organizations communicate. Its founder recently said that they still have a lot of work to do to make it better. That’s even more of a reason to give it a try, because it’s already pretty amazing as is.

Availability: Apple, Android
Cost: Free (with paid plans that offer more features)

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