4 Ways To Get the Most From Your Speakers

As a business coach for speakers, Jane Atkinson has helped unknowns become in-demand keynoters — and she has a few ideas about how to ensure your speakers connect with your audience.

by Corin Hirsch

Event Venues

‘Tres’ Brooklyn

The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge once emphasized its proximity to Manhattan. Now the property is capitalizing on Brooklyn's status as an international epicenter of cool.

by Barbara Palmer


Atout France Rises to the Occasion

Five days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, a luncheon in Washington, D.C., reaffirms the power of travel, meetings, and life going on.

by Christopher Durso

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woman laboratory worker showing a capsule pills

AMA’s Big News

The American Medical Association is calling for a ban on drug ads. How might this impact medical meetings?

woman laboratory worker showing a capsule pills


How to Make Your Meetings Contagious

Bestselling author Jonah Berger on how one 'old-fashioned' idea — word of mouth — can drive meeting attendance.


Are Women Driving Corporate Social Responsibility?

Yes, suggest a recent poll and research study.


24 Hours in Minneapolis

Meet Minneapolis has come up with a way for planners to explore the city that not only respects their time but caters to their personal interests.