Medical Meetings

Rethinking Certification at Medical Meetings

Maintenance of certification is a relatively new addition to the education and training requirements facing physicians and to medical meeting education. Not all physicians are happy about the changes.

by Molly Petrilla

Virtual Meetings

Planning for Online Engagement

The entire World Smart City Forum was broadcast live on Ustream, with viewers on every continent except Antarctica.

by David McMillin

Big Ideas

The Night Shift

Inside an innovative summit about the role of 'night mayor' — an idea that is spreading around the world.

by Barbara Palmer

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Building Winning Teams

There may be no "I" in team — but there's strategy behind keeping teams effective and happy. In this video, speaker Mel Robbins shares her tips for finding and retaining the best people for your business.


Red Leaves on Grass

Fall Design Lessons

Change is hard but it's a necessary part of the work we do. As we head into fall, take your cues from Mother Nature on how to pull it off.

Red Leaves on Grass


Can Telecommuting Hurt Your Career?

Amid the pluses, there are potential downsides to telecommuting. Here's how to head them off.


mgm sharing economy

Convene TV: Room Blocks and the Sharing Economy

In this short video, MGM Resorts International SVP Michael Dominguez, CHSE, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of home-sharing marketplaces like Airbnb.

mgm sharing economy