Meetings Market Survey

What’s On Your Wish List For 2017?

Here's what respondents to the 26th Annual Meetings Market Survey told us was on their own personal wish lists.


In addition to data about quantifiable things like the size, frequency, costs, and types of meetings, our Annual Meetings Market Survey also captures a wealth of data in the form of comments in response to a series of open-ended questions. Last week we published comments about what changes meeting planners made last year  positive or negative  in response to the economy. 

For this week: 

In terms of your job, what is at the top of your wish list for 2017?

  • A buyer’s market.
  • A fully developed app that can be used for multiple events.
  • A job promotion. I feel long overdue for one. 

  • A seat at the table.

  • A way to connect attendee and exhibitor. 

  • Access to new technology that will make our job easier and help reach our members. 

  • Additional clients with adequate to increased meetings budgets. 

  • Additional staff [eight mentions]. 

  • An assistant so that I can remove the administrative tasks off my plate to focus on strategic planning [three mentions]. 

  • Be able to offer webcasting/ live streaming at our next convention and be able to make it profitable. 

  • Better and more effective content design to drive sales and profitability. 

  • Bigger budget. 

  • Continued financial success for the association, which affords us the opportunity to take a few risks in new areas. 

  • Continued stability in my job as well as continued understanding of what I bring to the table in my organization. 

  • Create a cohesive team. 

  • Exceeding registration numbers and a wide variety of programs. 

  • Expanding into Asia. 

  • Fewer governmental regulations. 

  • Free WiFi in all venue meeting space.
  • Have time to see and experience more places to encourage my groups to travel to. 

  • Having everyone enjoy themselves at the events and come back. 

  • Housing Bureau. 

  • I wish there were a path here for progression in terms of responsibility, title and salary, but there really isn’t due to our size. 

  • I’d like more responsibility and more money. 

  • Increased visibility in my company. 

  • Increasing sponsorship revenue and improving the attendee experience. 

  • Larger budget. 

  • Less stress, more work-life balance, and to KEEP my job [two mentions]. 

  • Looking for new opportunities and hopefully a job shift. 

  • Mobile App. 

  • More attendees. 

  • More clients listening to what we can offer. 

  • More donations. 

  • More empowerment. 

  • More flexibility from hotels. 

  • More flexibility to work at home or work a 4/10 [two mentions]. 

  • More funds for professional development. 

  • More supportive staff. 

  • Our corporate attendees share rooms. My wish would be that every guest has his/her own room. 

  • Pass CMP exam. 

  • Raise and/or bonus. 

  • Rebuild our website to be accessible on mobile platforms. 

  • Retirement! 

Secure all speakers within the first quarter of the year. 

  • Several new clients. 

  • Start booking further out. 

  • Streamline and implement consistency across all our meetings. 

  • Stronger membership. 

  • The top two items on my wish list are a higher salary and a dedicated, full-time admin. 

  • To add more meetings in more remote areas of the world. 

  • To find a cheaper alternative to the housing program we are currently using that offers more for us and our members. 

  • To grow my team of 13 to a team of 15 to help with the growth of our events. It is also one of my goals to be brand loyal this 
 I also would like to obtain my CMM in 2017. 

  • While I love my job, I come from an association background where I planned multiple conferences a year. I would like my 
company to evolve into holding more events per year. 

  • Winning more clients.

Michelle Russell

Michelle Russell is editor in chief of Convene.