Trade Shows

12 Ways to Measure Trade-Show Engagement

As an exhibitor — or a meeting planner who wants exhibitors to be happy — it can be difficult to know if a booth, display, or other show-floor presence is successful.

In his new book, Three Feet From Seven Figures, David Spark offers a dizzying array of tips, tactics, and strategies for exhibitors looking to do business with attendees. One suggestion is to “measure booth behavior.” Spark, the founder of Spark Media Solutions, writes:

Ask your staff to measure their success engaging with attendees. Assign a point system to each achievement and offer a huge prize for those who get the most points.

There are a host of different behaviors you can measure:

  1. Who collected the most business cards?
  2. Who spoke to the most customers?
  3. Who spoke to the most people working with competitors?
  4. Who qualified the most leads?
  5. Who conducted the most demos?
  6. Who made the most introductions to other staff members?
  7. Who did the most media interviews?
  8. Who took the most photos?
  9. Who tweeted the most about the event?
  10. Who was retweeted the most?
  11. Who wrote the most blog posts about the event?
  12. Who got the most CEO or other C-level business cards?

As the trade show continues, publish their success on the company’s intranet for everyone within the organization to see. By counting each action, and publishing it internally, you can acknowledge great performance and build healthy creative tension. Traditionally, companies never offer public commendations or recognition for good work done at a trade show.

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