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December 2016

Cover Story/CMP Series

Unclear and Present Danger

Event security used to mean looking out for pickpockets on the show floor. Now it's more about anticipating terrorism and active shooters.

Christopher Durso

November 2016

Cover Story/Industry Forecast

16th Annual Meetings Industry Forecast

Six experts on lodging, exhibitions, travel, and technology weigh in on what's next for the meetings industry.

Convene Editors

Illustration by Sergio Membrillas

October 2016

Cover Story/Event Venues

The Community-Driven Convention Center

These six cities are going to great lengths to make sure that convention centers are a part of their surrounding communities.

Barbara Palmer

Illustration by Pushart

September 2016

Cover Story/Food & Beverage

How Do You Handle Special-Meal Requests?

As meeting planners field a growing number of special-meal requests from attendees with food allergies, as well as lifestyle and religious dietary restrictions, how are they accommodating their needs and preferences?

Corin Hirsch

August 2016

Cover Story/Cover Story

Convene Celebrates 30 Years

Convene has chronicled three decades of change in the meetings industry — and changed right along with it.

Barbara Palmer

Illustration by Luci Gutiérrez

July 2016

Cover Story/CMP Series

4 Models for Rebranding Your Meeting

Pushed to compete with high-profile events like TED and South by Southwest, these associations reinvented their annual meetings

Molly Petrilla

June 2016

Cover Story/Big Ideas

5 Next-Gen Technologies That Already Are Changing Meetings

Here's how wearables, 3D projection mapping, second-screen technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are transforming the industry.

Convene Editors

Illustration by Sam Island

May 2016

Cover Story/Knowledge Hubs

Inside the Bid Process for a Citywide Conference

Two destinations — one each from Canada and the United States — made the shortlist to host an international conference of beekeepers. Which of them prevailed — and why?

Corin Hirsch

Illustration by Daniel Chang

April 2016

Cover Story/Ethics

What Defines 'Good Work' in the Meetings Industry?

What does it mean in the meetings industry to do the right thing? Do planners and suppliers agree?

Michelle Russell

Illustration by Mike Reddy

March 2016

Cover Story/Cover Story

Meetings and Climate Change

On the heels of the U.N.’s historic climate conference in Paris in December, will there be increased pressure to reduce the carbon emissions of meetings, conventions, and trade shows?

Regina McGee

Illustration by Michael Waraksa

February 2016

Cover Story/Meetings & Your Brain

Bringing Mindfulness to Meetings

From the C-suite to the celebrity interview, mindfulness is everywhere. It’s even starting to center itself at meetings and conferences. Here’s why — and what it can do for your attendees.

Kate Mulcrone

Illustration by Irene Rinaldi.

January 2016

Cover Story/Budgets + Revenue

Putting the ‘Arrr!’ in Room Block

With all of the pressures on the traditional room block — including pirates, Airbnb, and budget-conscious attendees — is it time to rethink the booking model?

Corin Hirsch

Cover illustration by Tomasz Walenta