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December 2016

Cover Story/CMP Series

Unclear and Present Danger

Event security used to mean looking out for pickpockets on the show floor. Now it's more about anticipating terrorism and active shooters.

Christopher Durso



How The New Collaborative Economy Is Changing the Way We Meet

The collaborative economy is fueled by trust, says 2017 Convening Leaders keynote speaker Rachel Botsman.

Kate Mulcrone


Scott Belsky on Turning Ideas Into Action

It's not ideas that the foundation of innovation, says entrepreneur Scott Belsky. It's knowing how to execute them.

Barbara Palmer

 Big Ideas

The Power of Talking With Strangers

Author Kio Stark's new book isn't specifically about networking, but her insights apply.

Barbara Palmer

 Big Ideas

How "Conference Refugees" Can Inform Your Event Strategy

Sociologist Josh Packard's research looks into the decline in trust in large institutions, like churches. His insights can help your meetings thrive in the future.

Michelle Russell

 Big Ideas

How to Pivot Toward Success

When it comes to figuring out your next career move, why not double down on what's already working, suggests author Jenny Blake.

PCMA Admin

 Event Design

5 Distinctive New Venues in 2016

Here are five of the most distinctive venues to open in the last year — from a former power station in Portugal to a glass-walled expanse 102 floors above Lower Manhattan.

Corin Hirsch



5 Smart and Delicious Menu Trends for 2017

What trends will appear on the menu next year?

Corin Hirsch


How to Design a Digital Event

Top tips from three experts on how to successfully design a digital event.

Convene Editors

 There's A Meeting for That

Inside a Wikipedia Conference

What happens when enthusiasts of the online encyclopedia meet face-to-face?

Barbara Palmer


Using Facebook Live to Expand Your Event's Reach

How the International Woodworking Fair used the video-streaming platform to enagage prospective attendees.

David McMillin

 Meeting Management

Bringing Your U.S-Based Conference to Europe

"Don't do what I did," says a veteran U.S.-based conference producer who shares the missteps he made in launching a European event.

Michelle Russell


How a Social-Media Takeover Can Boost Your Event Profile

Find out what can happen when you let someone else take over the social-media reins for a day — and measure, measure, measure.

Molly Petrilla

 Forward Thinking

10 More Ways to Remake Your 'Annual Meeting'

More ways to make sure your events are relevant and engaging.

Dave Lutz, CMP

 Giving Back

Purple Heart Recipients Share Their Stories at NCRA'S Annual Event

How the National Court Reporter's Association helps preserve stories from the battlefield.

Ken Budd

 Innovative Meetings

Combining Passion with Presentation

At an illustrators' conference, production design evolves from a bare-bones set to 3D art.

Sarah Beauchamp


 Convene On Site

Meeting in South Korea

Where warm hospitality infuses almost every aspect of daily and business life.

Corin Hirsch

 Post Con

How One Association Made the Best of Convention Center Construction

The National Assocation For College Admission Counseling 2016 National Conference

Kate Mulcrone

 Pre Con

Making Room for Growth

The National Association of EMS Physicians has doubled in size over five years.

Kate Mulcrone

 Convene On Site

48 Hours in Columbus, Ohio

Find out why all the cool kids love to meet in Columbus.

Barbara Palmer


To Your Health at Glasgow's SECC

Glasgow's Scottish Exhibition + Conference Centre (SECC) has been accredited as a Silver Healthy Venue by the World Obesity Federation.

Convene Editors


The State of the Art in Sustainable Venues

Sustainable initiatives are expanding in a growing network of global convention centers, according to the 2016 Green Venue Report.

Christopher Durso

Also In This Issue

 Risk Management

Planning for Unexpected Danger at Your Event

When planning for the possibility of unexpected threats at your meeting, how do you find the balance between too little action and too much? And what is fundamental?

Christopher Durso

 Also In This Issue

Protecting Your Event Against Cyber Attacks

How the industry is protecting itself against the threat you can't see.

Christopher Durso

 Behind the Scenes

How Trump's Election Will Affect the Events Industry

Some thoughts about how the Trump election may affect the events industry.

Michelle Russell

 To the Point

The Power of Story

Move over facts and figures. Compelling stories can help you personify your brand, engage people, and drive business growth.

Deborah Sexton