The Road to Wellville

In a new report, the Global Wellness Institute reviews the ‘rising epidemic of an unwell workforce’ and offers a vision for wellness at work — including nine predictions.

The next economic era demands new ways of working that harness human potential:

  • Companies and governments will be highly motivated to reverse the current trend of an unwell workforce.
  • Wellness at work is a movement that will gain momentum across the world in the coming five to 10 years.
  • Workplace wellness programs — as we know them today — will disappear.
  • Individuals will take more responsibility for their own wellness in the context of work.
  • Companies must adopt a culture of wellness as the default, not the exception, if they want to attract and retain good people.
  • Companies will recognize that doing right by employees and the community is good business.
  • Governments will become more aggressive about mandating wellness, including in the workplace.
  • The healthiest workplaces will be a destination where people go to improve their own wellness.

SOURCE: The Future of Wellness at Work, Global Wellness Institute,

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