Risk Management

Convene TV: Cybersecurity at Your Meetings

In this short video, CNTV's Ed Heiland and Kimberly Bottom outline best practices for keeping data safe at meetings.

These simple precautionary measures will drastically improve the safety of your attendees’ and your organization’s most-sensitive data.

The first step is to secure the registration areas at your venue:
– Keep all registration desks staffed and monitored
– All devices used to check in attendees should be password-protected and then locked away when not in use

It’s also important to tighten password security:
– Create unique passwords for company devices
– Consider using a password generator

Finally, communicate with your attendees to help keep their data safe:
– Consider periodic announcements about security during the event
– Send push notifications to attendees reminding them to keep their devices secure and close-at-hand

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