Convening Leaders Scorecard

A long, long time ago, during the closing moments of last week, before 2011 Convening Leaders came to encompass everything that was or ever would be, I wrote about five things I was looking forward to during PCMA’s annual meeting. Since our meeting just wrapped up yesterday, and Virtual Edge Summit 2011 is well into its second day, I think this is a good time to see how those five things worked out. So, here we go:

1. Daniel Pink. As good as I’d hoped. His Closing General Session presentation yesterday afternoon was brisk, entertaining, and loaded with highly accessible takeaways. I particularly liked Dan’s explanation of mastery, which along with autonomy and purpose underpins his theory of Motivation 3.0: “People want to get better at stuff because people want to get better at stuff.” That’s Dan on the right, presenting his General Session, in a photo by PCMA’s official Convening Leaders photographer, Jacob Slaton.

2. The PCMA Daily newspaper. This was as much work as it always is, and as much fun. Our team produced three great-looking, information-packed issues — on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday — and the only problem is that it kept us away from a lot of what everyone has said was a tremendous program.

3. PCMA Learning Lounge. This would be the biggest part of the aforementioned tremendous program that I’m most sorry I missed. Pretty much every attendee I talked to absolutely loved it — and they must have, since hundreds of people showed up first thing in the morning on Monday and Tuesday to sample all the crazy interactive, content-rich learning opportunities.

4. Virtual Edge Summit. We’re still right in the middle of VES, but so far it’s going very well. A standout for me so far has been a presentation on “Integrated Social Media Strategies to Drive Awareness, Attendance, and Post-Event Interaction” by the famous Jeff Hurt, who has a true gift for talking about social media in a way that’s both enthusiastic and practical. He makes you want to tweet. Heck, he makes me want to tweet, which I did, and that’s no small thing. Maybe I even showed up on VES’s Twitterfall, pictured above, in another photo by Jacob Slaton.

5. In-N-Out Burger. Senior Editor Hunter Slaton and I prioritized this, and walked over there for dinner on Saturday night — an interesting experience that took us along, around, and behind the Strip, and made the animal-style Double-Doubles and well-done fries (available on the secret menu) that much sweeter, in an entirely succulent way.

How about you? How was your Convening Leaders experience? What did you like the most? What would you like PCMA to work on? Hopefully you checked out our coverage in the PCMA Daily; be sure to look for more photos in the February issue of Convene. Until then, viva Las Vegas!

Christopher Durso

Christopher Durso formerly was executive editor of Convene.