Get Up Already!

Okay, yeah, it starts at 7 a.m. on Monday morning.

But if you’re attending 2011 Convening Leaders in Las Vegas, you won’t want to miss the Learning Lounge, located in the MGM Grand Garden Arena. You can’t miss it — you have to walk through the Learning Lounge to get to the Opening General Session. (The photo at right shows the area under construction on Saturday.)

Monday’s 90-minute Learning Lounge schedule is packed with short, rich learning opportunities, including 15-minute talks in the Big Ideas Pavilion, on topics ranging from “What Millenials Want,” with Josip Petrusa and “Spheres of Influence … Good Will You Already Own,” with Carol Verret.

You also don’t want to miss the innovative “Supplier Showdown Theater,” where suppliers and vendors will compete for audience approval while demonstrating their solutions to problems. Tomorrow’s topic is “Strategic Meeting Management,” with David Peckinpaugh as emcee.

And the Social Media Lounge will feature some of the most knowledgeable speakers on the topic anywhere, including Chris Brogan on “Improve Your Influence,” Corbin Ball on “Getting Started with Social Media for Event Professionals, and Rick Calvert, speaking on “Growing Attendance Through Affiliate Marketing.”

Portions of the annual meeting are being livestreamed, and, at the Learning Lounge’s PCMA365 Livestreaming Studio, emcee Glenn Thayer will act as a bridge between the remote and live audiences, conducting real-time interviews with Convening Leaders speakers and others.

“It will be kind of like this big buffet, where there will be 20 to 30 different options that people can choose from,” said Dave Lutz, of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, which worked with PCMA to design the content for the space. “This is a customized learning experience, with lots of bite-sized content.”

Speaking of bites, breakfast will be served.

Need any more convincing? Consider this: Get over to the Grand Garden Area in time for the Learning Lounge program, and you’ll be ahead of the crowd when it comes to getting a good seat for the Opening General Session.

We hear that is going to be kind of special, too.

Photo by Jacob Slaton

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer is senior editor and director of digital content.