12 Ways to Make Your Website More Credible

Paul Jarvis offers practical, straightforward advice for creating a thriving web presence.

In his recent book Be Awesome at Online Business: A Handbook for Succeeding on the Web, website designer Paul Jarvis writes specifically about commercial websites, but what he has to say resonates with any online endeavor — including conference websites and apps. Below is Jarvis’ list of “12 ways to make your website more credible”:

1. Is my messaging clear, simple, and honest? Does it make sense to first-time visitors?

2. Am I showcasing what others think of me through testimonials or reviews?

3. Is there evidence that my business exists elsewhere on the Internet (guest posts or reviews on other websites)?

4. Do I have any endorsements from industry authorities or a well-known source (i.e., I’m featured in O magazine)?

5. Do all my links work? Are my social-media feeds working?

6. Do I give reasons for actionable items and not just “click here” or “buy now”?

7. Are there spelling or grammar mistakes?

8. Is my contact information easily found?

9. Do I have an email address (and not a or address)?

10. Does my site load quickly? Even on mobile devices?

11. Am I showcasing real-life examples or case studies that prove the benefits of what I’m offering?

12. Does my website look alive (with fresh blog posts, social-media updates, new testimonials, etc.)?

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