4 Tips to Help Business Travelers Stay in Shape

Brad Prigge, wellness exercise specialist at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, shares some easy life hacks to stay healthy on the road.

1. Find out what resources will be available to you during your trip
An option many people already know is that you can hit the hotel gym or pool for a good workout after a long day of traveling. Are you aware that some hotel groups now offer the ability to request your favorite piece of exercise equipment be brought right to your hotel room? Check with your rewards program — they may offer to have exercise clothes and shoes waiting in your room when you arrive.

2. Keep in mind the latest high-tech equipment or a gym is not a necessity
Movements like squats, lunges, pushups, jumps, marching, crawling, and others can be a great circuit routine, and can be done anywhere from your hotel room to a nearby park. Take time to explore your body’s diverse range of movements, and experiment with reaching movements and shifting your body weight into different positions. Pay attention to areas that feel tight or restricted, or that possibly provide relief and relaxation. If you feel it just isn’t a workout without any equipment, small packable items like suspension trainers, bands, or massage balls take up very little space in your travel bag and can make great travel accessories.

3. Bring your essentials
Make it easy to say yes to your workout, and be sure to pack your must-have items. It may be tennis shoes, a swimsuit, your iPod, earphones, or whatever your essential items are for enjoying your workout. Apps on your phone can be a great resource, from playing your favorite music during your workout to guiding you on a run in a new location.

4. Opportunities are everywhere
Get up and move around for five to 10 minutes every hour. Pay attention to all the opportunities you have available to move. Whether it is taking the stairs versus the escalator or avoiding moving sidewalks, we have many opportunities to move, and it just takes a little bit of awareness and direct intention. Use a smart watch or activity tracker to help remind you when it is time to move, or better yet, incorporate movement breaks into your travel plans and plan an activity along your way.

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