Waze is a crowdsourced navigation app that uses real-time consumer data to get millions of people moving as quickly as possible.

wazeCASANDRA MATEJ, CDME, CTA, Executive Director, San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Waze is not new, but its latest enhancements make it one of my favorite apps.

When you’re in a different town for a meeting, trying to get from Point A to Point B can be challenging, especially when navigating with a group. Users can sync Waze with meetings and events and street addresses in their calendars, and it will remind them when they should hit the road to get to their next meeting/session/appointment on time.

Waze not only enhances productivity but also prioritizes responsibility and safety ahead of technology. It was the first navigation app that blocked drivers from inputting text while driving, and everything is now executed via voice command. Also, Waze regularly meets with the U.S. Department of Transportation and is trusted by government organizations and smart cities worldwide.

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