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Zumba Instructor Convention 2016

Zumba instructors from more than 100 countries will meet for four days of workshops, demonstrations, and networking centered around the dance-fitness program.

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Zumba Instructor Convention 2016
July 28–31, 2016
Orange County Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Orlando

CHALLENGESBecause the Zumba Instructor Convention attracts so many international attendees, location can be an issue. Some potential attendees have passed due to the cost of traveling to Orlando.

INITIATIVESThis year’s convention will see the launch of a brand-new Zumba style: STRONG by Zumba, which focuses on boot-camp-style strength conditioning. Jonathan Perlman, events director at Zumba Fitness LLC, said that his team has prepared for the momentous event by coordinating with media partners to create multimedia content that will help build buzz around the new program. “Our biggest focus is on finding how we can leverage all the content, so that it’s shareable beyond the event itself,” Perlman said.

Kate Mulcrone

Kate Mulcrone is digital editor of Convene.