Donate Your Used Flash Drives

What do to with the countless flash drives (aka USBs, thumb drives, etc.) you’ve accumulated through marketing campaigns and during site visits, RFP processes, and other information-sharing activities.

Give them to Recycle USB, a nonprofit website run by Lake Forest, California–based Nexcopy Inc., which manufactures flash-memory duplicators. Via Recycle USB, Nexcopy collects flash drives with at least 1GB capacity, scrubs them of data, and loads them with Sugar On A Stick, a stand-alone operating system developed by Sugar Labs, an education nonprofit in Brooklyn that provides free, open-source software for children. Nexcopy then ships the drives to Sugar Labs, which distributes them to children in need all over the world. Per Recycle USB’s website: “Your flash drive will become a portable computer for a very lucky child.”

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